Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I am good enough!

Sometimes I have to pinch myself...every time I start thinking to myself "Heidi, you're getting fat" or "Heidi, you aren't strong enough" or whatever negative thing I used to constantly tell myself...I literally have to pinch myself with the reminder that "YES! You are actually doing this! You are actually maintaining a healthy lifestyle and you actually are fit!"

It's so easy to tell yourself over and over that we are not good enough. Society, through all manner of commercials, shows, news reports and social media, feeds us a near constant stream of propaganda all designed to help us feel like we are less than we should be. Even though I have always had a strong opinion about such evils, I too have fallen prey to such lies and have to constantly remind myself to not buy in to choose to believe that, in spite of the fact that I am not 5'10 and 115 pounds, I am good enough. Even though I don't drive the fanciest car or have the most fashionable clothes, I am good enough. I don't even have long, flowing blond hair and yet, somehow, I AM GOOD ENOUGH!

Say that to yourself several times: "I am good enough. I AM good enough. I am GOOD enough. I AM GOOD ENOUGH!" Now believe it.

Don't believe the lies about who you should or shouldn't be or what you should or shouldn't look like. Choose to be different. Choose to believe in yourself. Do something good for yourself every day like eating foods that fuel and energize your amazing body or using your strong body to get out into the sunshine on a cold day...because, darn it....YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

Let's be honest, most of the time a mild pinch is not enough....I need to kick myself in the rear when I let myself think I am not good enough...I'm not fit enough, I'm not thin enough, I'm not really healthy enough. A good kick in the rear helps me to remember what kind of person I want to be...the kind of person who does not believe and perpetuate lies...the kind of person who just knows that I AM GOOD ENOUGH!