Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In Wednesday

Using the self-timer and/or my 6 year old on roller skates, I tried (again...I've taken a lot that I wasn't pleased with) to get a few pictures that I felt showed my weight-loss. I know we are our own worst critic, so it goes without saying that I am not totally pleased with the pictures, but I think you can see some progress. I have to admit, I have been disappointed all day since weighing myself this morning. To be fair, I started being in a less than stellar mood last night, but I was actually really looking forward to weighing in this week and expected more than I got.
In spite of Halloween and my husband being out of town (I tend to eat more when he's gone...) I still thought I did okay. And I suppose I did, but I am not that thrilled with my meager 1/2 pound loss since last week. Oh well. It seems I loose a bunch one week, then sometimes the following week I barely loose.

A loss is still a loss, though, and I know I'm still making good progress. I am officially a size 10 now! :) That feels so good! My 12's were falling off, and the 10's are snug, but not unbearably so. And my "new" (as in second-hand) shirts are size medium!!!
I have exactly 20 pounds left to loose. I am looking forward to getting on with maintaining (i.e. exercising a little less and eating a tiny bit more!) but need to stay on course until I get there. I think, too, that it's time to re-vamp my exercise a bit and work even harder. I am going to try running a mile a few times a week after my regular workout and add a few walks/hikes with the family a week. I am also going to try to shave off 100 calories a day....which I am NOT excited about. I have to admit that I just LOVE to eat...I think about my meals and snacks all day long. I look forward to going to bed because it means when I wake up, I get to eat breakfast! :) I was going to shave that 100 calories off my afternoon snack (my only snack of the day since I now workout in the morning)...but my snack is only 200 calories to begin with and I REALLY need that 200 calories every afternoon!! So I think I am going to shave 50 off of breakfast and quit the small amount of grazing I have allowed myself to pick back up again. Grazing is such a hard habit to break!!! A few handfuls of dry cereal here and there (dry cereal is soooooo one of my big weaknesses!) or a few chocolate chips or a small bite every once in a while of my kid's food seems to add up to more calories than I estimate! So no more. We'll see if that helps!! :) I am hoping to be down to my next goal of 152 next week! That will put me at an even 50 pounds lost!!! I really, really hope to see that number, so I am going to work hard!


  1. Heidi! You look amazing! you're doing so incredible and are a true inspiration!

  2. You do look amazingly fit and thin! Losing 1/2 pound is still great progress, especially because you're now thin enough to be healthy and close to your goal, so your body isn't trying to get to where it needs to be anymore. And your muscles weigh more. And you are a great inspiration!