Monday, January 24, 2011


I know I haven't been posting regularly for the past few months, but I have still been working hard and have now reached my weight-loss goal! I have officially lost 70 pounds!! WOOHOO!! I will post more about my last few months and about how I feel having arrived at my goal weight of 132 later. Until then, you can enjoy these pictures that I took this morning after I weighed myself and before I went to work out. :) Yes, I have bed head and no make-up on....expect more "decorative" pictures later!


  1. I sure hope you don't wear a lot of make-up and seriously, if my hair looked like that just waking up.....Good job on the weight loss. Did you see a personal trainer the entire time?

  2. Congratulations Heidi! I'm so happy for you. What a huge weight loss success. You look wonderful.

  3. I almost forget what you looked like before!! ;) You should post before and after pics!

  4. thanks guys!
    Maggie, I have been seeing a personal trainer the whole time. 2 times a week. VERY helpful!! I don't think I would've pushed myself so hard were it not for her! She is amazing!
    Thanks Sally! :)
    Callie...I am totally planning to post before and after pics!! I sometimes forget too...then it's easy to get down on myself until I look at an old photo!

  5. i am so happy for you!! WOO HOO!! can't believe it went so fast for you too. great.
    you are an inspiration for many others, heidi. you need to post before and afters in your bathroom or somewhere close to you so you can't possibly get "down" on yourself. you've done a spetacularly super job of changing your way of life in so many ways: how you(and don't forget-your FAMILY) eats, thinks of activity, now loves to work out, has energy to spare compared to how you used to be! so many things are better and improved(think of your organs: heart, lungs, etc) because of your strong determination to change it now. thanks you for your stick-to=it=tiveness, my girl. i will succeed better now because of you.

  6. THANKS, MOM!! :) I really needed to hear that today, especially! :) Thanks for being so supportive and encouraging!!