Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some more "befores" and "afters"

The above picture was literally taken the weekend I got a serious wake-up call. I lost about 5 pounds that week, just from sheer exercise (hiking, camping, etc.) I was disgusted with my winded I got hiking in the mountains, how hard it was to hike through a nearby trial...just how fat I was!! I was not being who I really wanted to be. After this weekend, I sat down and got SERIOUS about making the changes necessary to become healthy and fit!
Who is that woman?? I don't even recognize her anymore!

Here I am today! I can't believe I wasted 12 years of my life looking like the woman in the top two pictures! It takes just one word to describe the way I feel now: LIGHT! :) Every aspect of my life seems lighter now! Moving around is lighter and easier, getting things done is lighter and easier, my mood is even lighter!
My life is not perfect. I still struggle. I still struggle with eating and making healthy choices. But I know that the changes I have made are permanent because I won't ever go back to feeling like I did 70 pounds ago! I can trust myself to maintain my weight-loss because the easy way (eating whatever I wanted and not exercising) did NOT make me feel good about myself and did NOT give me the life I wanted! I am excited about continuing to improve my health! I am excited about setting and reaching new goals! I know now that I can achieve anything and everything I want to work hard enough to get! You can too!! :)

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