Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Thing I am Most Consistent About.

I do not regularly and consistently do things. I clean in bursts. I create in erratic slots of time. I cook in clusters. I get in a groove of doing something and then the groove ends. I forget what I am supposed to be working on. I get distracted. I get bored. I get down. Then the whole process starts over again.

The one thing I am most consistent about is: Being Inconsistent. Really, I am super good at it. It's one of the things I do best; inconsistency. It's usually not a hindrance to mine and my family's happiness that I have a knack for change. In fact, sometimes it's a great blessing. A freshly re-arranged room feels like a brand-new, exciting space where our old "stuff" becomes "stuff-in-a-new-location!" It can get irritating, though, when the house becomes a pig sty because I have not consistently maintained the cleanliness, but that is soon remedied by a few days straight of cleaning and organizing during which I feel energized to get it done...and again, things feel fresh and new!

The one area of my life where I struggle the most with consistency, however, is health. I will get on a kick of good eating and exercising but if anything messes with my perfect groove (like life...), I loose it. Up, down; up, down; up, down...I have always hated roller coasters, but I seem to put myself on one when it comes to healthy habits...or the lack there of!

Two weeks ago I was so happily gung-ho about my plans to change my eating habits and be more active. That first week was AWESOME! I felt empowered with every good choice I made and every potentially negative choice I stepped away from. I felt in control. I felt excited! And I had great success: 4 pounds lost in that first week. Then, hello roller coaster! Week number two I totally flopped. I ate junk. I hardly moved more than was normal for our busy life. I ate more junk. I was relieved, as you can imagine, when at the end of week 2 I had not gained any weight back!

I know that I am the most consistent about being inconsistent....I know this and accept this about myself. There is no berating or beating myself up about this. I will just move forward and do my best! Every change you want to make in your life has obstacles and ups and downs. The important part is to pick yourself back up, get on that horse, and set off on the trail toward your destination! I am doing that. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment set at my new gym to meet with a trainer. I will not waste another week of my life not reaching and striving for my goal!!! I have always preferred the open trail to a smelly ol' roller coaster, anyway! Who's with me?!?!


  1. yea! i'm with you totally in spirit. by this monday i'll be with you in body too!!! i'm scheduling a routine bike ride the first week, and then adding walking to it the 2nd week, and then i'll let you know what else by monday.
    thanks for being open and honest with your life.

  2. :) I learned it from my Mom. :)