Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In Wednesday

So last week I weighed 169. This morning I weighed......169.5!! UGH!! I actually gained half a pound. I didn't do as well as I should've with my eating (hello stress!) but I don't feel like I did badly enough to actually gain half a pound! Especially since I still worked my butt off at the gym! GEEZ! I am disappointed to say the least.

Maybe my body is getting used to my cardio workouts...maybe I need to switch things up a bit by adding more. Maybe I'll start going for a few long walks/hikes with the kids during the week. Maybe I'll do 20 minutes on my recumbent bike at home before I go to bed.

I definitely need to recommit to my healthy eating. Even though I don't eat nearly as much as I did before I started loosing weight, I have really slacked off this week. I also need to get back on the veggie train....I have not done a very good job of eating my fruits and especially veggies this past month, which probably equates to me eating more carbs. So that has to change.

I was really hoping to see 167 this week. :( Maybe next week I'll see that number!

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