Monday, October 4, 2010

How awesome it feels to have taken charge and gotten healthy!

I am a 32 year old mother of 7 homeschooled kids and a wife of 13 years. Even though I was a healthy size 6 when we married, I have spent about 12 of those 13 years being 60 pounds or more overweight. Three months ago I decided I did not want to waste one more year of my life being fat and unthealthy so I joined Gold's Gym, signed up with a personal trainer and committed to work hard to make sure that not even one more month would be wasted.

Even though it has been a real challenge at times, doing the work to become healthy and loose weight has been so worth it! I may still feel pretty darn tired (going to bed at a decent time would probably be the remedy for that one!) but I feel so much more energetic and motivated! I used to call to my kids while sitting on the couch, now I don't think anything of running up and down the stairs to actually speak to them in person! Since I've increased my muscle strength, I can move the piano across the room by myself and hold my own while helping my husband lift heavy things. I can actually see a few of my muscles now, too!

As I've taken charge of my health and made proactive decisions to loose weight, I've naturally taken charge of other aspects of my life as well! My house is cleaner, I tackle projects more readily and my relationships have improved. Learning to budget my calories every day has even proved helpful when budgeting my bank account! Forcing myself to be self-disciplined with my eating and with regular exercise has taught me how strong and capable I really am. I know that any goal I set out to achieve, I can and will achieve!

I believe my husband now when he tells me I look cute. My body feels so much stronger and healthier than it did 35 pounds ago! I still have about 30 more pounds to loose, but my success thus far has given me the courage and confidence to continue on this path and that makes me so hopeful and excited for my future!

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  1. this is so good to hear. i'm so glad you decided to do this in this year. i agree, why wait. every month is the right time. i've always had a really good little voice telling me that it will never happen. i haven't been able to shut it off yet! workin' on it hard!!