Thursday, October 28, 2010

Budgeting: It's Not Just For Your Bank Account!

I had a yummy lunch today with my husband and a few kids at an Italian restaurant. Some people who are "dieting" and trying to loose weight might have a small cow knowing what I ate, however...I believe that no food is totally off-limits. I have believed this and lived this through the whole 47 pounds I have lost so far and will live it for the rest of my life. I sort of feel like "what's the point in being thin if I can't ever eat yummy food?" So today at lunch, I enjoyed a few pieces of bread dipped in olive oil (GASP! CARBS! She ate CARBS!) and even had a slice of my daughter's pizza! I did, however, eat only a bowl of minestrone soup and took my 1/2 sandwich (sauce on the side) home in a to-go box for lunch tomorrow.

Over the past few months I have also eaten lots of pizza (homemade and take-out!), enjoyed a few ice cream cones (low-fat in a plain cone, of course,) some dark-chocolate chips here and there, a cookie every once in awhile and even some cake! It's all about budgeting! Today, since I know I ate more than the 300 calories I budget for myself for lunch every day, I am going to skip my afternoon snack (which is usually around 200 calories.) In planning to go out for lunch, I also ate about 150 less calories for breakfast. So even though I "indulged" a bit, I am still on budget for my daily calorie intake and still made pretty healthy choices in the process (drank only water and lots of it, chose a broth based soup full of veggies and beans and saved the rest of my meal for tomorrow.)

Budgeting calories won't only help with weight-loss, it is key in maintaining a healthy weight for life!

Now to think of a way to budget in some yummy Halloween candy this weekend!!

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