Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In Wednesday!

Last week I was 169.5, this week I weighed 164.5! :) 5 pounds lost and I even missed a couple of workouts in a row for the first time in almost 3 months....but we did re-arrange a few rooms in our house, so that burned a whole lotta calories! :) I am 2 pounds away from 40 pounds total weight lost!! :)

My trainer that I work out with 2 times a week at the gym, Ami, has stepped up my workouts. She is such an awesome trainer! I totally needed the vamped up workouts and I didn't even have to say anything...she just knew. :)

I am also finally starting to feel much thinner! I can see definition in my legs and arms! I bought a size 12 pants!! I have actually never been a size 12; I went from being a size 6/8 to a size 16/18 during my first pregnancy. The other times I have lost weight, I never got below a size pulling on those size 12's feels sooooooooo good!!! :) I can only imagine how good the 10's will feel...hopefully I will know that feeling first hand next month!


  1. i'm so happy for you! i know how great you feel about this. and it's good that weigh-ins and size helps you with your effort. it does with a lot of folks i think.
    when you were gaining inspiration from Jillian Micheals, did you have a book or DVDs or what? cause i have her 30 day Shred DVD and i like it for now. just got it, so we'll see what i can do with it.
    thank you so much for doing this site. it will ultimately be the greatest help for me because it's so personal. and very down-to-earth and practical.
    a lot of what you are presently doing with the workout stuff and rapid loss just doesn't do it for me-kind of a built-in failure path. but i am finding what will work after having a while of depression and real downward spiraling. so things are going to look up here with me.

  2. I think I already told you, but the Jillian Micheals stuff I was watching was her series "Loosing it with Jillian" can watch all the episodes on Hulu. Super good and inspiring! Glad you are moving along down the path!!! :)