Friday, August 13, 2010

Full Disclosure Friday!

Loosing weight is hard! Some days, I have to try REALLY hard to have a positive attitude about it.

I don't love working out, though I do love how I feel after I've done it!

I don't love eating healthier, but I do love knowing that I am giving my body the nutrients it needs and I do love not feeling blobby and guilty after eating a ton of junk!

Thinking about how long I am going to be on this road of weight-loss is over-whelming! I have a LOT more weight to loose. That's why I am trying to just think of it in 10 pound increments...10 pounds is not so daunting! I am, of course, going to be on this road longer than it takes to loose the weight...I will exercise and eat healthfully for the rest of my life, but it's more intense now since I have to loose, not just maintain.

It's easy to feel like I am all alone on this journey. I look around and see lots of people eating whatever they want and doing whatever they want. I see a lot of that, if that is what I look for. When I look for fellow Healthtopians, I find lots of those too; people's carts at the grocery store filled with veggies, friends who serve air-popped popcorn, grapes and smoothies at GNO, the neighbor who religiously walks her dogs twice a day, the hoards of people out on the sidewalks in the evening of a beautiful day: there really are a lot of people who are making wonderful health choices each and every day. I guess I need to look for them more and feel sorry for myself less!

I guess I struggle the most with this journey on days when I allow myself to feel sorry for myself....sorry that I can't eat what I want when I want....sorry that I can't just skip a day of working out and be lazy. When I choose, instead, to feel empowered by my opportunities and healthy choices, I have a much better day!! I need to refocus and choose empowerment more often!

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